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1-Day Riders

Join Us For A Day!

Hello cyclist! 

Maybe you've seen our Ends Cycling tours and recognized that you can't get away for 3, 5 or 7 days.  If you want to join us for just 1 day, we want to make it an option for you.  With that being said, you have to get to the starting location for whatever day you choose to ride. 


We'd like to ask you to pay $70 to be part of that day. 


What You can expect

Maybe you are thinking, "What?  $70?!  That's way too much?"  But did you know what is included? You'll be donating to a great cause - transforming the lives of youth around the world!  In addition, we'll do everything in our power to transport you back to the starting line after you are done riding.  What other bike ride does that?  We'll give you a hint - none of them LOL! Some other things you can expect are support vehicles loaded with water, snacks and the safety of knowing you are being taken care of.  Things like:

  • Ride t-shirt

  • Water bottle

  • Transportation back to starting city (where possible)

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Breakfast, lunch

  • Snacks, such as Energy Gel

  • Support vehicle(s)

  • Experienced Team Leader

  • Your funds are helping transform the lives of global youth as well!

So, if you can only join us for 1 day, let's do it - we want you to experience the love, care, and joy we experience on our week-long tours.  We believe you'll have an amazing experience and you'll be well-cared for while you are with us.  Sign-up today!

1-Day Riders

Join Us For A Day!
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