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3 Day - Key West Bike Ride

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The Tour...

In addition to our 5-day/300 mile Key West Bike Ride, we are pleased to offer a 3-day, 140 miles, FL-Keys-Only portion of our 12th annual Key West Bike Ride (Monday to Wednesday)! Participants are encouraged to meet us in Homestead, FL at our host church (on Sunday afternoon/evening) for an abbreviated version of our Pre-Field Orientation. This will also be a great time of community and integration with the cyclists who have already been riding for 2 days from Fort Myers.


140 miles

Homestead to Key West, FL

On Monday morning, your 3-day ride begins with an 57-mile ride from Homestead to Islamorada, via the bypass. Beautiful and scenic views are revealed half-way thru the day. Key Lime Pie awaits your arrival into the FL Keys on Monday afternoon.  Tuesday morning, your 2nd day of cycling takes you 33-miles on Route 1 South to Marathon. That day you'll enjoy tarpon-feeding at Robbie's of Islamorada and a few other treats. Arriving in Marathon, you will meet an amazing pastor and congregation there who is always excited to host us for worship. The views at dinner are almost as incredible as the food and company. Wednesday will be your 3rd and final day of cycling - 50 miles from Marathon to the Southernmost Point of Key West. By this point, you'll have truly bonded and made lifetime memories with your team. Make sure you snap a picture at Mile Marker Zero before going to see the beautiful sunset that God paints at Mallory Square.

SPACE IS LIMITED - UPDATE - We are currently FULL (at capacity) for Cyclists & Support Staff. (GET NOTIFIED WHEN OUR 2024 KEY WEST TOUR OPENS FOR REGISTRATION)As of Nov. 22, 2022, we are SOLD-OUT. Any further Cyclist or Support registrations will be placed on a waiting list.  Please contact Nick Haner ( if you have any questions about the Wait List.   The total participants between the 3-day and 5-day KWBR rides are limited to 40 cyclists and 15 Support Staff. There is the possibility of a first-come-first-serve waiting list if the tour begins to get full. As always, your registration will not be complete until payment has been received.


Thursday morning (March 16th), we'll give you a ride back to Homestead or Ft. Myers at 6am or 8am. 3-day participants have the same fundraising goal as 5-day participants. We also cannot offer any early-bird discount to cyclists on the 3-day tour.

Got questions? Visit our FAQ page or email our 5-day #KWBR2023 Ride Director, Bekah Ochs at or Karen Weber at

For The Youth Of:

SE Asia

The Reason We Ride...

On this tour, you will be riding for the youth in SE Asia. Our beneficiary ministry there is called In Better Hands. Here is a word from them:

In Better Hands has ministry work in Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia. Asia, as a whole is our worlds most populated continent; with 4.6 billion people, that is about 60%

of the global population. Southeast Asia has a tropical climate, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.


Human trafficking generates over 100 billion dollars annually from more than 46 million slaves globally. Many children and youth in Southeast Asia are trafficked due to political turmoil, strong cultural beliefs, and extreme poverty.


In 2012, God led us to establish In Better Hands because of the epidemic of trafficking in Southeast Asia. In Better Hands have developed both reactive and proactive approaches to help children out of abusive situations and also to protect children from becoming a victim.

We currently operate ten safe homes across the countries of Myanmar, Thailand, and Cambodia for children rescued from abuse and trafficking. This is the child’s new, “forever family.”  Whenever possible, we try our best to keep children with their biological family members. Therefore, “Hope for the Village” children remain with biological family members but with financial assistance through In Better Hands, they are better protected from abuse and trafficking. The child remains in school, off the street, and is overseen frequently by our ministry workers. Best of all, the hope and love of Jesus is shared with the entire family.


Our vision is to expand our ministry efforts. To rescue more children and to proactively provide for more children and youth at risk of being trafficked. This is where we need your help! With your prayer and financial dedication to this cycle tour with Ends of the Earth Cycling, we will be able to have the funds available to hire more Asian staff and therefore be able to provide for many more children in Southeast Asia.


For more information, please visit our website:


Together, we are “Rescuing children for Christ”!

In Better Hands Ministries

Click HERE for a shareable link to this video.

What do I get when I Register?


Pre-Field Orientation - Mar 12 at 1:30p - 7p*

March 13-15, 2023

Optional - March 16 - drive you back to Start location


Homestead Church of Christ / 
Redlands Christian Academy

17700 SW 280th St. 

Homestead, FL  33031


Cyclists - $270

w/ $1000 Fundraising Pledge **

Fundraising Toolkit

Support Staff - $150

(Fundraising encouraged but

not expected)

Children 12 & Under - FREE ***

Only 5 days worth of AWESOMENESS!  

Well, and a few other things that are listed here.

  • A place to stay every night of the event (hotels are an optional cost to you)

  • Breakfast & Lunch every day

  • Snacks throughout the event (energy gels, granola bars, fruit, etc.)

  • Ends Cycling Jersey (by Primal – no jersey for support staff)

  • Laundry services every evening (for cycling clothing only)

  • Official Tour T-Shirt (Cyclists & Support Staff)

  • Tour Insurance

  • Swag Bag

  • A support vehicle (S.A.G.) dedicated to your group loaded with

     water, air pumps, tubes, snacks, etc.)

  • Full-time Event Photographer when possible (you get free

     access to the pics after the event!)

  • Corporate worship every night.

  • Custom Thank You cards to send to all of your supporters. (These will be mailed to you shortly after the ride is completed)

  • Daily devotional 

  • Water bottle (for cyclists only)

  • Transportation back to starting line

  • Airport transportation (at designated shuttle times)

  • Pre-ride supper

  • Post-ride meal

  • Cycling training in orientation

  • Experienced Group Leaders

  • And More! See the Riders Handbook for more details.

*Participants are strongly encouraged to be at the starting location at 1:30pm - 7p, the day before for check-in for this important Pre-field Orientation.  We will get to know each other, have a safety presentation and training ride.

**Fundraising Goal: $1000 (Minimum $500).  Participants will not be eligible to ride if the minimum funds are not raised by event start date.   If you have not raised the minimum by the start date, you will be expected to pay the balance the day the ride begins. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

***We love for families to get involved together! The parent is expected to be present during the whole week. It is recommended that children under age 15 participate in a Support Staff role. Children 12 and under are FREE (unless otherwise noted - example: a Super Family Friendly type tour with kid activities, events, that would have an additional cost, etc.).

How Are Your Cycling Groups Organized?

An experienced Team Leader will lead a team of 4-10 cyclists throughout the multi-day event. Riders will be grouped depending on their strengths and preferences. You are welcome to choose which group you wish to be in ahead of time. (If you're not sure you can do it, get a cycling computer and see where you are at!) A suggested 10 week training schedule is available to you. 

It’s our recommendation no one changes groups unless absolutely necessary. The reason that we ride in groups is for your safety.  We would love for you to grow deep relationships with people in your group.

Break Away - 18+ mph average

  • The Breakaway group likes to ride fast and push the pace. They will often be riding in a tight paceline together and taking short turns at the front in order to maximize everyone’s effort. If you regularly ride 30 miles or more with few to no stops and at a quick pace, this is probably the place for you. This group can expect a century (100 mile day) option on each EC tour (where applicable).

Paceline - 16-17 mph average

  • The Paceline group rides together using the draft to benefit each other. They are riders that might not be “fast” but are steady and consistent. If you have group riding experience, consider yourself a mid-paced rider, and are willing to learn new skills, this is probably the group for you. This group can expect a century (100 mile day) option on each EC tour (where applicable).

Journey Lovers - 14-15 mph average

  • The Journey Lovers group likes to take breaks for pictures and will probably stop about every 30 minutes. They still ride together, but probably not in a consistently organized paceline. If the century option is not a high priority for you, you prefer a conversational pace, and usually make regular stops while riding, this is probably the group for you. This group may have the opportunity to complete a century(100 mile day) on an EC tour (where applicable).

SEE Train - 13-14 mph average

  • This group likes to take it slow and easy, with stops around every 20 minutes. They ride together, but not in a paceline and with plenty of room for everyone to feel comfortable. If you have little experience riding in a group, are okay with not riding all the miles on longer days, and generally take lots of breaks when you ride, this is probably the group for you. This group should not expect to have the opportunity to complete a century (100 mile day) on an EC tour.

PLEASE NOTE"Average" means over the course of a 60-80 mile day, the actual pedaling speed that your computer will read at the end of your ride. This means you will at times, be riding at 2-4 M.P.H. above your actual "average" for the day.  These averages will change on international tours.

3-DAY TOUR - Join us on our 12th-annual Key West Bike Ride!  Come experience sunny, South Florida with us.  It's a sight to behold!  God's beauty is on display as we traverse 140-miles. The route is almost entirely flat with the exception of the many bridges, one of which is 7-miles long!!  Did someone say, “Key Lime Pie?!”  Sign up today, as space is limited.

Pictures from Other Tours!