Centurions and Marathoners



The following people have accomplished the amazing feat of pedaling 100 miles in one day, during an Ends Cycling tour.  This is no small accomplishment as it takes 5-8 hours of pedaling in order to do this. The Ends Cycling Centurions Club exists to remind us of God’s faithfulness to His people, as we “exercise ourselves toward godliness.” – 1 Timothy 4:7b-8

A – I

Tim Ahn x2

Aaron Arnold

Lorraine Anderson

Brent Avera

Jess Baker x3
Mike Bayer x4
Rick Beckler x2
Troy Binger
Bonnie Blackwell

Eugene Blinn

Kyle Boils
James Bob Brooks x4
Robert Broome
Brian Burgan x16
Charlie Burke x2

Sandy Burke 
Steve Burkholder
John Buttram x5
Kevin Campbell
Peter Childs
Laura Clancy
Ben Cook X2

Annie Choquette

Eben Corbiere

Patrick Crisler

Benjamin Crock

Matt Crosson x11

Andrew Crull x2

Tom Curran
Mary Davila x5
Troy Dittman
Ben Dunn
James Elliott
Adrianna Ellis
Ed Fife

Matt Frankovich

George Freeman

Chris Furr
Mitchell Gaskins
Jon Gibson
Garry Goetzman

Sharon Grantham x3

Owen Griffith

Kenny Haines x2
Tim Hall x4

Kip Hamilton

Nick Haner x5
Justin Hanneken x16
Karena Hanneken x2

Leah Hardin x3

Les Hardin​ x2

Mike Hayes

Al Hicklin

Harris Hickman
Joshua Hicks
Bubba Hilliard

Jay Hoss x2

Annette Hutchins
Hutch Hutchins x2
Gary Hurst

Jackie Junco

J – R

Hannah King

Susan Kinnan

Bob Koch 

Dan Kriel x4
Hannah Kriel x3

Krista Kriel
Keith LaFountain
Andrew Lane x2
Dion Lange x5

Mike Lawson x2

Jessica Lawson

Brian Long
Robert Lowry

Alex Maasdam

Matthew Miller x5

Molly Miller
Erica Metcalf
David McClary x2

Tim McDaniel
Matt McHargue

Wade McHargue

Sean McIntosh
Christy Middleton
Paul Moelker x2

Tom Moen

"Sunny" Molle x2

Marc Montgomery x3
Andy Morris x4
Chris Moyer II x5
Nick Nguyen

Ricky Nipp

Brenda Njos

Christine Norton

Jeff Notarbartolo x2
Graham Partain
Lisa Perfors x2

Allen Posey x2
Shane Powers x2
Tim Quigg x2

Dan Rabourn

Derek Reid x3
Dona Riccioli x3
Trey Roark x5
Bill Roark x4
Brenda Roark x3

Dan De Roon

Paul Ryan

S – Z

Brian Sapp
Jason Schwinabart
Kevin Scott x3
Alex Shade

Brian Siltman x2

Shane Sole
Matt Spain

Scott Ribble

Wayne Steinour

Rich Stinehart
Jason Sullivan
Olivia Sutman

David Thurston
Joseph Tibbetts

Lindsay Toth

Wendy Tumbleson
Tracy Ulmer

Harold Waldrop
Jim Ward

Peter Weeks
Wendy West x4
Melissa Wilson

Jon Wissler

Joe Wood

Sherry Wood
Dave Woodruff
Craig Yates

Ends of the Earth Cycling is an active bicycling community impacting youth globally.  Like you, we understand how it feels to want to change the world.  So let’s ride bicycles to do it together!  We invite you to join us by CYCLING or SUPPORTING on one of our multi-day cycling tours right here in the United States to bring the hope of the Gospel to global youth.  JOIN A TOUR and activate your faith physically and spiritually as you #PrayPedalRepeat on mission with a global purpose! Ends of the Earth Cycling, Multi day cycling tour for Jesus, Fully supported bike rides in USA ,Pray Pedal Repeat for global youth, Bike rides with SAG support and gear, Outside is free, Cycle for global youth missions, Christ centered cycling tours, Missions centered prayerful cycling ministry, Bike for kids around the world, US cycling tours for missions

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