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Bible Reading Plan
Welcome to the Ends of the Earth
Cycling Bible Reading Plan!


This plan is designed for us to read the entirety of Scripture together during the year. Each daily reading is a bit more than three chapters in length and should take about fifteen minutes to complete.  Anyone is welcome to join us, and start at any point during the year.


Our goal is to keep the narrative of Scripture intact without jumping between multiple books a day, while also providing some back and forth between the Old and New Testaments. We organized the readings of books by category (i.e. The Law, The Gospels, History, Poetry, Prophets, Letters). Mostly the books are arranged in canonical order. However, we grouped Major and Minor prophets from the same time period, and placed the New Testament letters in the order they were most likely written. Additionally, there is a reading from the Psalms or Proverbs every day. We hope this arrangement provides variety while also helping to see the story of the Bible a bit better without being overwhelming in the amount of reading each day.


Thank you for joining us in reading God’s Word together. We believe when we commit to spending time in God’s Word each day, we will begin to hear and recognize His voice with greater clarity and our lives will be enriched because of it. We pray this happens for all of us as we read the whole of Scripture in a year!

                              — EC CREW
Ends of the Earth Cycling 
Bible Reading Plan 

Design by Josh Walker

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