Breaevery Chain

Virtual Ride - For the Philippines

The Event...

For the first time ever, Ends of the Earth Cycling invites you to #PrayPedalRepeat wherever you are in the world.  This Break Every Chain 2020 ride ( #BreakEveryChain2020 ) is our response to the COVID-19 crisis and an effort to see our community do what it does best - advocate for global youth.  In as much as our Idaho Bike Ride 2020 had to be postponed, we invite you to join us June 27 - July 1st for this opportunity to impact the youth of the Philippines with the same ministry partner: Wipe Every Tear.  




For this tour - you can ride indoors, ride on Zwift (or any online cycling platform), solo outdoors, or in a small group - as your city/state government allows.  Please be encouraged to take their advice & mandates seriously. 


If you've ever been around us for any length of time, you've probably heard us say "It's not about the miles," and in this instance that remains true!  Whether you pedal 5 miles a day or 50, whether you ride some of the 5 days and not others, it's totally fine with us. Use this time to pray, study the devotions alongside of us, advocate for the ministry and raise funds to help young people in the Philippines be released from the chains of sex slavery and bondage.  


Each evening of the tour we'll be hosting a time of praise & worship together online at 7pm EST.  You'll hear from 5 different worship leaders and 5 different pastors bringing you hope and encouragement from all around the USA!  You'll be able to engage with other cyclists (and support staff members) from around the world who are also participating in Break Every Chain 2020.  In addition to the impact you'll have, you can also earn incentives based on how much $ you raise!  


Registration is FREE, but you must register to get credit for your participation.  When you register, we'll create a custom donation link for you to invite people to give securely through New International (a 501c3).  Please do NOT use Facebook or other crowd-sourcing platforms for your fundraising.


  • If you raise $50, you'll earn an Ends Cycling patch!

  • If you raise $180, you'll earn a 2020 beneficiary t-shirt and a patch!

  • If you raise $300, you'll earn our 2020 EC gloves, t-shirt and patch!

  • If you raise $625, you'll earn our 2020 EC jersey, gloves, t-shirt and patch!

  • If you raise $1000, you'll earn our 2020 EC shorts, jersey, gloves, t-shirt and patch!


There will be a GRAND PRIZE* for the top fundraiser, you'll win an
Entry-level Road Bike or Mid-level Hybrid Bike
from our friends at Bike Bistro (Ft. Myers, FL). If you are out-of-town, we will ship it to you! 


*Small Print: No previous funds raised for Ends Cycling are eligible to help with this Break Every Chain event Grand Prize. Only the top one person who has raised the most $ for this event (by days-end on August 1st, 2020) will win. You must be officially registered to be eligible to win. Winner will only be able to specify the size of the bike and which bike type they want (an Entry-level Road Bike or Mid-level Hybrid Bike) before they claim their prize. 


Got questions?  Visit our FAQ page or email our #BreakEveryChain2020 Ride Director, Justin Hanneken at

For The Youth Of:


The Reason We Ride...

On this tour, you will be riding for the youth in the Philippines. Here is a word from our beneficiary ministry there is called Wipe Every Tear


Wipe Every Tear is committed to bringing hope and healing in the lives of women trafficked in the sex trade in the Philippines. From safe places to call home, education

through college, and holistic healing, women have the opportunity to have their lives fully restored. 


Safe homes are an integral part of Wipe Every Tear’s mission. These homes serve as places of safety where women are provided with all of the essentials for living, including a bed, food, and educational tools. Fully believing in holistic care, their medical and dental needs are also covered, as well as discipleship and counseling. This all-encompassing approach is crucial to healing and transformation.


One cannot even work in entry-level jobs, such as fast food, without a 4-year college degree. This inequality gap leaves women vulnerable to being trafficked, as it is one of the very few ways to earn a bit of money without a degree. In such an overly populated nation like the Philippines, of 104.9 million people, jobs are a rare find.


Trafficking is defined as the exploitation of vulnerability, which is exactly the position that extreme poverty leaves many of the women who are tricked into the sex trade. Education allows women to create a bright future for themselves and their loved ones. In many areas, a college degree or vocational training means the ability to find a job that can sustain her family.  Education through the college level is key to breaking the chains of sex trafficking. 


Wipe Every Tear began taking meals into the bars of Angeles City, Philippines, early in 2019 as an additional outreach to night-time conversation with women and girls who are currently exploited in the sex trade. This meal outreach has already built more trust with these girls, and bar staff, allowing us to have fruitful interactions and conversations during the day as compared to night. Around 100-200 meals are distributed once a week, all lovingly placed into hands on the Walking Street. This shows how almost every person that is “working” in this Red Light District is there due to extreme poverty. Many women earn only ~$2-$5 per night at a bar per 12-hour shift, so there is little money for food. Meeting this tangible need is a significant way to bring the love and hope of Jesus into this region.


Wipe Every Tear’s hope is to utilize the prayers and funds raised from this tour to fund higher volume meal outreaches that will significantly increase the trust-building with girls who have been exploited by sex trafficking. We hope that they will choose freedom and move into our care as a result of this new, impactful facet of our ministry. Will you help us reach this goal and #PrayPedalRepeat for the women of the Philippines?

What do I get when I Register?


June 27 - July 1, 2020


Your Back Yard !

Indoor, outdoor or anywhere you are allowed to cycle



But you MUST Register

Only 5 days worth of AWESOMENESS!  

Well, and a few other things that are listed here.

  • A link to invite people to donate toward your ride

  • Incentives based on your fundraising

  • Corporate worship (online) every night via Facebook.

  • ZWIFT link to join an online cycling group ride with EC Crew Members.

  • Daily devotional

  • Prayer Themes

Breaevery Chain

Virtual Ride - For the Philippines

BREAK EVERY CHAIN (a virtual tour) - "It's not about the miles!" Ride indoors or outdoors. Whether you pedal 5 miles a day or 50, ride some of the 5 days, and not others - it's fine with us.  Each evening of the tour, we'll be hosting a time of praise & worship together online at 7pm EST.  Pray, ride, worship and raise funds in your own back yard! 

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