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key west

5 Day - Key West Bike Ride

Registration CLOSED


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In Partnership With:

The Tour...

Welcome Johnson University Staff & Students! Ends Cycling invites you to join as a Cyclist or Support Staff on our 9th-annual Key West Bike Ride!  Come experience sunny, South Florida with us over your Spring Break 2020!  It IS a sight to behold!  God's beauty is on display as we traverse 300-miles together, across the Everglades, down Route 1 South, through the beautiful Florida Keys.  The route is almost all flat, with the exception of 47 bridges, one of which is 7-miles long!  Experience special treats like Key Lime Pie and fun activities like feeding the tarpon at Robbie's Marina.  Optional excursions such as air boat rides are a blast for first-timers on the Key West Bike Ride!  We couldn't possibly invite you on this tour without mentioning the amazing hospitality of our host-churches!  On this tour, you'll have the opportunity to make new friends, cycle through God's beautiful creation, and change the world for youth in Romania! Your fundraising pledge is already included in your registration cost so raising additional funds is optional. 

JU (Florida) Contact:  Dr. Les Hardin  or  734-358-1497.


300 miles

Fort Myers to Key West, FL

For The Youth Of:


The Reason We Ride...

On this tour, you will be riding for the youth in Romania. Our beneficiary ministry there is called Missio International. Here is a word from them:


Even though the Romanian Revolution was in December 1989, the effects of Communism can still be seen today in the rural areas of Romania. With these socio-

economic conditions, Romania is second in the top countries-of-origin (the country where a trafficked person came from before being trafficked) for victims of human trafficking in the EU, with our service area being the highest in Romania.  

Those who live in rural or marginalized areas and those with little-to-no education are the most susceptible to fall into the hands of traffickers. Our Children-At-Risk programs currently serve over 750 marginalized children annually, meeting the spiritual and material needs of the neediest of all - the at risk children and youth.


Through our programs and services we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus to end the cycle of child abuse, exploitation, illiteracy, and poverty, in order for them to have a better life and a brighter future.


By joining Ends Cycling on this tour, you will be raising prayers, awareness and funds to combat the injustices happening in Romania and spread the word about our need for short-term teams.  We are thankful that through joining this Ends Cycling tour, you are partnering with us to provide continuous prayers and support for these precious at-risk children in Jesus Name.

VIDEO - Missio International
What do I get when I Register?


Pre-Field Orientation - March 20 at 1:30p*

(Dr. Les Hardin will let you know what time the JU van is leaving campus to head to Ft. Myers.  Lunch will be provided for you upon arrival.)

March 21 - 25, 2020

(March 26, - The JU Van will leave Key West and drive you back to campus, you will not be stopping back in Ft. Myers with the rest of the group)


Christ Community Church

4050 Colonial Blvd.

Fort Myers, FL


JU Cyclists - $750

JU Support Staff - $399

Only 5 days worth of AWESOMENESS!  

Well, and a few other things that are listed here.

  • A trip to Key West!

  • Your travel cost to Fort Myers

  • Bike rental (if necessary)

  • Cost INCLUDES Fundraising Pledge amount. ($250 goes to youth project)

  • Lodging at local churches every night of the event (hotels are an optional cost to you)

  • Breakfast and Lunch every day (Dinners are not included)

  • Pre and post-ride meal

  • Snacks throughout the event (energy gels, granola bars, fruit, etc.)

  • Ends Cycling Jersey (cyclists) and T-Shirt

  • Swag Bag

  • Full-time Event Photographer when possible. (you get free access to the pics after the event!)

  • A dedicated SAG (Support And Gear) vehicle loaded with water, air pumps, tubes, snacks, etc.

  • Corporate worship every night

  • Custom ‘Thank You’ cards to send to all of your supporters

  • Daily devotional

  • Water bottle (for cyclists)

  • Transportation back to starting line

  • Cycling training in orientation

  • Experienced Group Leaders

*Participants are strongly encouraged to be at the starting location at 1:30pm, the day before for check-in for this important Pre-field Orientation.  We will get to know each other, have a safety presentation and training ride.

How Are Your Cycling Groups Organized?

An experienced Team Leader will lead a team of 4-10 cyclists throughout the multi-day event. Riders will be grouped depending on their strengths and preferences. You are welcome to choose which group you wish to be in ahead of time. (If you're not sure you can do it, get a cycling computer and see where you are at!) A suggested 10 week training schedule is available to you in our tour handbooks. 

It’s our recommendation no one changes groups unless absolutely necessary. The reason that we ride in groups is for your safety.  We would love for you to grow deep relationships with people in your group.

Paceline - 18+ mph average

Journey Lovers Plus - 16-17 mph average

Journey Lovers - 14-15 mph average

SEE Train - 13-14 mph average

D Group (trikes, etc) - 11mph average (will likely not finish all miles each day)


PLEASE NOTE"Average" means over the course of a 60-80 mile day, the actual pedaling speed that your computer will read at the end of your ride. This means you will at times, be riding at 2-4 M.P.H. above your actual "average" for the day.  These averages will change on international tours.

key west

5 Day - Key West Bike Ride

Registration CLOSED

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