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For the Youth of Latin America

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The Tour...

Registration is currently LIVE for cyclists through August 1st, 2022. We currently have enough Support Staff to serve on this tour. If you register as Support Staff, you will be placed on a waiting list and we will let you know if we have enough space for you to attend by July 1st, 2022. Enjoy & explore the Last Frontier with Ends of the Earth Cycling!  Grab your gravel or mountain bike & let’s GO!  


We are very pleased and excited to introduce our first-ever Alaska Bike Ride 2022.  This is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Grab your cool-weather gear and make plans to join us - in September 2022, just after the tourists clear the roads after Labor Day Weekend!  Feel free to fly in to Anchorage Airport (ANC) any day that week, and you can count on a host church lodging from Thursday, Sept. 8th PM on.  


200-300 miles

Enjoy & Explore

Friday, September 9, 2022 - join us for an afternoon of Pre-Field Orientation (PFO) at Changepoint, our host church in Anchorage, Alaska with Pastor Michael Warren.  You’ll quickly become familiar with the beautiful bike path system in and around Anchorage during our 10-mile training ride.  That evening, we’ll get to know each other and learn more about the beneficiary we are riding for - over a delicious dinner at our spacious host church.  


Saturday, September 10, 2022 is the official Day 1 of our ride.  We are calling it “Tour of Anchorage!”   After a kick-off celebration, you’ll have the opportunity to ride a series of bike trails around Anchorage - that make the shape of a Moose head!  Speaking of moose, you’ll most-likely see some on your ride that day.  They are skittish and territorial so don’t get too close!  At lunch time, our cyclists will enjoy an absolutely breathtaking view of the Turnagain Arm water system.  For those itching for a challenge, there’s an optional 3-mile climb, with 1,300 ft gain, and 7 switchbacks.  It’s called Potter Valley Rd, and we highly recommend disc brakes, as the descent is very steep.


Sunday, September 11, 2022 - after a time of rest, we’ll start Day 2 by joining our host church, Changepoint for their early service.  After worshiping with our family there, we’ll drive participants 50 miles to Palmer, AK where we’ll meet our hosts at Northern Light Chapel, where Pastor John Varland serves.  Upon arrival, we’ll gather our bikes, suit-up, and head out for an epic ride to Hatcher’s Pass.  Along the way, we’ll climb the rural windy roads up towards Independence Mine, a state historic park, where you’ll see the remnants of a gold mining operation in the Talkeetna Mountains.  The ride all the way to the top will give cyclists 25 miles (50 roundtrip) with a visitor’s center serving hot coffee awaiting you.  Should you choose not to do the full climb, there’s several spots along the way to enjoy waterfall views before turning around.  We’ll worship at NLC that evening and spend the night there.


Monday, September 12, 2022 - we have another 50-mile ride planned - this one is even more rural than the previous 2.  Riding along the Matanuska River thru the small town of Butte, we’ll eventually skirt the Knik River, where participants will surely enjoy spotting wildlife in the distance and up close - get your camera ready!  The ride takes us to the ½ way point (Mile 26) where the Raven’s Perch Restaurant and Lodge hosts 30+ minute helicopter rides (for anyone looking to spend some extra $).  These helicopter tours take you to the Knik Glacier - an absolutely breathtaking wonder to see up close!  Anyone up for an optional climb?  Clark-Wolverine Road has just what you have been waiting for!  The ride back to the church will give participants plenty of time to enjoy and explore the best the area has to offer!  The Iditarod Trail Race museum in nearby Wasilla, AK is a must visit!  You can even get taken around the track by the training dogs!


Tuesday, September 13th - after 2 nights at Northern Light Chapel, we’ll be making our way from Palmer, AK to Sutton, AK - another 50-mile day where Victory Bible Camp awaits us!  This is the day with the most substantial amount of climbing, but don’t worry - we’re happy to pick you up at any time and drive you up the camp road.  A delicious dinner and warm bed & shower await you in the cabin facilities of the camp - which is surrounded by breathtaking views of the mountains.  Not far down the road is the Matanuska Glacier (, an optional afternoon trip for anyone who wants to visit a glacier in Alaska by car. Depending on what you want to do there will depend on additional cost $.


Wednesday, September 14th - For day 5 of our epic Alaska Bike Ride, we’ll be driving participants our longest transfer (2+ hours) to Bird, the southern part of the Chugach State Park.  Once you arrive and see the sights, you’ll understand we couldn’t possibly bring you this far and not put you on the Bird to Gird Trail.  This is the most beautiful bike trail in all of western, Alaska - and it ends at the picturesque ski town of Girdwood.  After just 14 miles of hilly riding, participants will enjoy a delicious brunch at The Bake Shop, one of the most popular places in the whole area - did someone say “All you can Eat Soup?”  Yes, they are known for their sourdough bread.  After we leave lunch, the premiere stop awaits you for the day - the AWCC - Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center is a 1.5mile gravel road loop (that sits on 200 acres) that will afford you the opportunity to see God’s most unique and wonderful creations that call Alaska home!  The animal sanctuary is a must-see for anyone visiting Alaska - and we’ll spend several hours there before transporting you back to Changepoint church in Anchorage for our pizza party and debrief.

Thursday, September 15th - In as much as weather can change at any point in Alaska, we highly recommend saving this day as a Contingency day/Tourist Day.  If any of our previous days don’t afford us the opportunity to ride, we’ll likely push the trip back 1 day and finish our ride on the 15th.  If the weather is blessed and rideable all the other 5 days, you’ll be glad to have this day to take in some last-minute sights, before flying out on Friday, September 16th.  We are happy to get you to the airport in Anchorage any time that day with regular shuttles running from Changepoint to ANC. 

For The Youth Of:

Latin America

The Reason We Ride...

On this tour, you will be riding for the youth in Latin America. Our beneficiary ministry there is called YouthHOPE. Here is a word from them:

The YouthHOPE team is a specialized ministry of New International.  Our mission is to transform the lives of global youth by equipping the Church to meet their holistic needs. 

We believe youth ministry is one of the most strategic approaches to fulfilling the Great Commission. Right now, there are more than 2 billion people in the world under the age

of 18, the most in history. 90% of people decide to follow Jesus before surpassing that age. Therefore, it is critical that the Church is equipped for youth ministry.

Unfortunately, this is often not the case so YouthHOPE works to train volunteers and leaders in unreached and under-resourced communities globally. Training local Christians creates a sustainable influence on the lives of youth. Imagine the impact the Church could have if every young person in the world had a trained Christian leader investing in them!

Beyond training youth workers, YouthHOPE’s highest level goal is to reproduce youth ministry trainers around the world. We do this through the School of Youth Ministry Trainers.

The School of Youth Ministry Trainers is a multi-event certification program over the course of one year. It is designed to equip and empower passionate youth ministry leaders to train others in youth ministry principles and skills. Training additional trainers creates exponential growth in a region’s youth ministry efforts. Having successfully completed this school in Asia and Africa, YouthHOPE now has the goal to facilitate the program in Latin America.

Bringing youth workers from all over a region together in one place is a challenging task both logistically and financially. Our hope is through prayer and fundraising, God will bring together the right people and the needed resources to invest in a new youth ministry workforce across Latin America.

School of Youth Ministry Trainers