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Minnesota + Wisconsin Bike Ride

Registration Closed

For late registration considerations, email JHanneken@EndsCycling.com

1-Day Registration OPEN!

The Tour...

Ends Cycling is inviting Cyclists & Support Staff to our 1st-ever Minnesota and Wisconsin Bike Ride! (#MWBR2019) August is one of the most beautiful months to ride in the northern USA!  Come experience hills, bike paths, and breathtaking scenery.  We must be up front with you though - this is a challenging tour!  Intermediate and Advanced cyclists are invited.  Beginner cyclists should consider one of our other cycling tours.  We traverse 500-miles together, starting and ending in Minneapolis, MN.  We couldn't possibly invite you on this tour without mentioning the amazing hospitality of our host-churches!  On this tour, you'll have the opportunity to make new friends, cycle through God's beautiful creation, and change the world for youth in India! 


Got questions? Please email our Minnesota & Wisconsin 2019 Ride Director, Bill R. at William.k.raihala@xcelenergy.com or Co-Director Tony H. at tony.holewinski@gmail.com


500 miles

Minnesota & Wisconsin

For The Youth Of:


The Reason We Ride...

India has over 1.34 Billion people compared to 326 million in the US.  India has 4x the population of the US, but is 1/3 of its landmass.  The vast majority of Indians are Hindu, only about 2% are Christians. Over the last several years anti-Christian sentiment and government scrutiny has been on the rise and persecution is high.  As churches are being planted the persecution of Christians has increased. It is unsafe for all Christians but especially for the children in this area.

In 2010, a youth home (Ministry name obscured for security reasons) was established for children of persecuted families. We at "Youth Home" take care of the children 24/7, providing a healthy diet, necessary medical care, quality education and daily Bible lessons.  We currently have 84 children living at "Youth Home" and upon completion of a new dorm, we are looking to add 16 more children in 2019.


That daily care for each child runs approximately $105/month.  The needs for "Youth Home" are more sponsors for unsponsored children and funds to help with any children not fully sponsored.  We are thankful that through Ends Cycling, you are willing to partner with us in providing continuing prayers and support for these precious children to be able to live without fear.

"Youth Home" Ministry

What do I get when I Register?


Pre-Field Orientation - August 2 at 1pm*

August 3-8, 2019


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Cyclists - $425

w/ $1000 Fundraising Pledge **

Fundraising Ideas


Support Staff - $250

(Fundraising encouraged but

not expected)

Only 6 days worth of AWESOMENESS!  

Well, and a few other things that are listed here.

  • A place to stay every night of the event (hotels are an optional cost to you)

  • Breakfast & Lunch every day

  • Snacks throughout the event (Gu, CLIF Bars, RXBARs, fruit, etc.)

  • Ends Cycling Jersey (by Primal – no jersey for support staff)

  • Laundry services every evening (for cycling clothing only)

  • Official Tour T-Shirt

  • Tour Insurance

  • Swag Bag (with several surprises)

  • A support vehicle (S.A.G.) dedicated to your group loaded with

     water, air pumps, tubes, snacks, etc.)

  • Full-time Event Photographer and/or Videographer (you get free

     access to the pics after the event!)

  • Corporate worship every night

  • Custom Thank You cards to send to all of your supporters

  • Devotion book

  • Water bottle (for cyclists only)

  • Transportation back to starting line

  • Airport transportation (where applicable)

  • FUN & Surprises (Nightly give-a-ways, contests, etc)

  • Pre-ride supper

  • Post-ride meal

  • Cycling training in orientation

  • Experienced Group Leaders

  • And More! See the Riders Handbook for more details

*Participants are strongly encouraged to be at the starting location at 1pm, the day before for check-in for this important Pre-field Orientation.  We will get to know each other, have a safety presentation and training ride.

**Fundraising Goal: $1000 (Minimum $500).  Participants will not be eligible to ride if the minimum funds are not raised by event start date.   If you have not raised the minimum by the start date, you will be expected to pay the balance the day the ride begins. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

How Are Your Cycling Groups Organized?

An experienced Team Leader will lead a team of 4-10 cyclists throughout the multi-day event. Riders will be grouped depending on their strengths and preferences. You are welcome to choose which group you wish to be in ahead of time. (If you're not sure you can do it, go get a cycling computer and see where you are at!) A suggested 10 week training schedule is available to you in our tour handbooks. 

It’s our recommendation no one changes groups unless absolutely necessary. We would love for you to grow deep relationships with people in your group.

Paceline - 16+ mph average

Journey Lovers Plus - 14-15 mph average

Journey Lovers - 12-13 mph average

SEE Train - 10-11 mph average

D Group - >9mph average (will likely not finish all miles each day)

PLEASE NOTE"Average" means over the course of a 60-80 mile day, the actual pedaling speed that your computer will read at the end of your ride. This means you will at times, be riding at 2-4 M.P.H. above your actual "average" for the day.  These averages will change on international tours.

Minn + wisc

Minnesota + Wisconsin Bike Ride

Registration Closed

For late registration considerations, email JHanneken@EndsCycling.com

1-Day Registration OPEN!

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