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Ends of the Earth Cycling, Ends Cycling
Ends of the Earth Cycling, Ends Cycling

You take care of us, so we can take care of those who need it the most!  You help us to be the hands and feet that transform the lives of youth with things like clean water, alleviation of hunger, prevention of human trafficking, care for orphans, global youth ministry training and the message of the Gospel.  There are 2 different ways you can become a partner with Ends of the Earth Cycling.  

Annual Partners

The first is to become a partner for the entire year of tours.  For example, during October - December 2021, we are securing 2022 partners.  Becoming a partner enters you into a relationship with us from January - December 2022.  If you would like to partner with Ends of the Earth Cycling   for 2022, this would afford your business/company the opportunity to have your logo on our website (home page), e-mail publications, Support T-Shirts, etc. for the whole year.  Our Crew and participants love to pray for you, your family and business throughout the year.  You would also be impacting youth in many different nations!

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Ends of the Earth Cycling, Ends Cycling
Year Partners have their logo displayed:
  • At, in the Partners section. (your logo linked to your website) 

  • On our year T-Shirt worn by our Support Staff and sold on our web store.  (see picture below)

  • Is displayed in every email that Ends Cycling sends to our alumni throughout the year. (20-30 emails are sent a year to all 1,000+ and growing emails - see picture below) 

  • Your company logo is placed on our Ends Cycling Trailer that goes with us on all of the tours.  (see picture above)

  • It is our honor, on every cycling tour, to recognize and pray for your family, company, etc. 

  • Your company logo printed on our sponsor sheet which is shared on the tables at each Pre-Field Orientation.

Ends of the Earth Cycling, Ends Cycling




2020 T-shirt Design

Our E-Mail Footer:

2020 Email Footer To Alumni
Sent out Multiple (35+) Times A Year

Tour Specific Partners

The second way to partner with Ends Cycling is for your partnership to impact one global youth ministry on one specific ride.  For example, you can impact youth in Romania by partnering with the Key West Bike Ride in Florida (March 2021).  Contact us for specifics. 


Gifts can be given by Donations, Gifts In Kind (where needed), Gifts of Time/Volunteer, Stock Gifts and Employer Matched Gifts. Don't forget to check out our current partners on the Home Page! 

of all donations go directly toward impacting youth

around the world in Jesus name!  

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Ends of the Earth Cycling, Ends Cycling
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