EC State of the Union 2018

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Once a year, the Ends Cycling CREW gets together for a few days of off-site meetings. This is a time for us to pray, plan and prepare for the coming year.

During the 2018 offsite, we successfully conquered an Escape Room together, cooked a lot of bacon, rode bikes in the rain, and had an amazing time worshiping the Lord. On our 2nd night together we took to Facebook LIVE and welcomed hundreds of alumni & viewers to check out our State of the Union address. Unlike other SOTU addresses, we didn't just have one person talking - but EVERYONE on our CREW had an opportunity to share. The hour went by really quick with testimonies, laughs, jokes and a lot of thankfulness for all God had done. If you haven't had a chance to watch our 2018 SOTU yet, you can check it out here - make sure you watch it to the end for a special surprise coming in Fall 2019!





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