Belize Vision Trip

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

By Brian Burgan - Ends Cycling Crew

In February 2018, four of us went to Belize on a vision trip. What an awesome time of visiting, sharing with, and encouraging local ministries.

Over the recent years, Justin had heard a lot about Belize from Pastor Dan Kriel (EC alumni) and myself (Brian) on the ministry opportunities with Belizean youth. So four of us, Justin and myself and Dan and Will from Swift Run Church in PA, went exploring.

The first few days we stayed at Belize Base Camp near Belmopan. This ministry is run by Shawn Wilkerson and provides lodging, kitchen and service projects for groups taking mission trips to Belize. The first morning we visited Freedom House ministry during their 6am worship and devotion time. We met 19 men that all have previously been incarcerated and now are searching God’s word and learning skills to be productive in their local community. That morning was special being able to encourage and pray with these men. All four of us felt we should spend more time encouraging them, so we went back the next two mornings to worship, pray and share the word with them. Justin and Will shared the Word and their testimony. Seeing the positive response from these guys as we returned each morning confirmed God wanted us there.

In addition, we visited a local school where Dan is leading a mission trip in June 2018 from Swift Run Church. They planned the work/building program that will take place. Dan brought a message in a local church at their Wednesday night service. Shawn took us to a ministry in Dangriga, where the Nazarene Church is making positive impact on local pre-schools. In fact, the Belizean government is asking them to help structure pre-schools throughout the country because of their success.

On our last day, we visited with Clive at Lighthouse Christian Radio on Ambergris Caye. The radio station broadcasts both English and Spanish programs. They have a portable solar powered radio they distribute to the local community that plays the Christian radio station and an audio of the Gospel in both English and Spanish. One audience they reach with the radios is the night watchmen. Clive also works with the local high school. A new program they started is having prayer boxes in the high school. The students can place prayer requests that Clive will pray for. Clive agreed to share the prayer requests with Ends Cycling so we may pray for them during our hour of prayer on Mondays.

This vision trip was spiritually rewarding for me. Although we did not find a specific ministry to be a beneficiary for one of the Ends Cycling US rides, we are working on a 4-day ride in Belize to benefit Freedom House and Lighthouse Christian Radio.






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