World’s Greatest College Weekend

Guest Blog By: Katie Wang

CSF Cycling Team at the New International, Center For Global Outreach (CGO) Building
IU Student Foundation

Indiana University (IU) is home to the Little 500 cycling race, a 25 mile relay race (50 miles for the men) on a cinder track. [Billed as “The World’s Greatest College Weekend,” the Little 500 is the largest collegiate bike race in the United States and is modeled after the Indianapolis 500] During each race, 33 women’s teams and 33 men’s teams, made up of 4 riders each, race and exchange around the track for 100 and 200 laps. For many students, the Little 500 is a time to party and celebrate the end of the semester. But for the riders, this one day in April is a culmination of everything they’ve been working towards since the beginning of the school year.

I joined CSF (Christian Student Fellowship) Cycling my freshman year of college simply because I wanted to be part of such an iconic event at IU, and it just so happened that the youth group I joined had its own team. But this team quickly became my best friends and favorite part of college. It is such an honor to ride for a team that works hard, but also rides for the larger purpose of glorifying God. Our team would not be where it is today without the support of our sponsors, especially Ends of the Earth Cycling.

Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) Cycling Team

Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) is a community of believers living on the campus of Indiana University. Their mission as the cycling team is to proclaim the gospel not only through words, but also through actions. They seek to impact the Little 500 community and to gain respect through hard work and perseverance in competition.

Ends of the Earth Cycling has not only provided us support through donations, but by also allowing us to stay at their campus and train in Fort Myers during our winter break. For the past 2 years, Ends Cycling has graciously hosted us on campus for a week and guided us around Fort Myers (and beyond) for rides. Many Little 500 teams travel to Florida during winter break to gain some extra miles in the warm weather, but I can confidently say that no other teams have had the same amazing experience as we have on our training trips. We are usually given a set of workouts to do for the week and Ends Cycling not only shows us routes to go on, but guides us there, and even completes our workouts, to ensure we get the best experience possible.

They’ve hosted us in their homes, met with us in the early mornings, and truly made us feel like we are part of the Ends Cycling family.

Getting to know the Ends of the Earth Cycling Crew over the past few years has been such a great blessing in my life, as well as my teammates' lives. Seeing how God is working in and through this ministry is so amazing, and it’s incredibly special to be connected to a ministry that does so much for youth around the world through the sport of cycling. I’ve never met a group of people so dedicated and in love with what they do, and their hearts for serving God through this sport are so evident in the way they live. Having a ministry that supports us on and off the bike, and in and out of Florida, has made all the difference for our team. Thank you to everyone at Ends of the Earth for all the prayers, love, and support!




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