Jesus did not quarantine Himself over the last 90 days!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Break Every Chain 2020 Report

In April 2020, it had become increasingly clear to us that our Idaho Bike Ride, June 27th - July 1st would have to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  We knew it was time to move in faith, and "pivot" if you will, to something new that God had in store for us: 

our first-ever virtual cycling tour!  

During the exact dates of the postponed-Idaho ride (which had 15 cyclists registered for it), we had 63+ adults (plus kids) from around the USA join us for Break Every Chain 2020!  Through their efforts, we were able to #PrayPedalRepeat for the original beneficiary in the Philippines, Wipe Every Tear. 

We hosted 5 Nights of Prayer & Worship. We had guest speakers and worship leaders from around the USA as well as special messages from Wipe Every Tear, our beneficiary ministry in the Philippines.

[Above] Representatives of Wipe Every Tear, the ministry we are cycling for, got together in Idaho and rode along with us as well!  Nice job, Elizabeth and friends!"

Day 1 - watch video here

On the first night, we were led in worship by Jeff Higgins and friends from FAITH Baptist Church in Glen Burnie, MD.  Jeff shared this thought with us in between worship songs:

Jeff Higgins 

"God is doing something.  Even though we are scattered in the midst of chaos and uncertainty, we can still come together and be a part of His mission for His Glory."  - Jeff Higgins 

After a powerful time of worship, we heard our first-message of the week from YouthHOPE representative, Jesse Frame.  Coming to us all the way from Washington, MO, Jesse pedaled and ran in the event.  His timely message was challenging, funny and encouraging and the following quotes stood out to us:

Jesse Frame

"The Lord's prayer says we pray for His kingdom to come, and on earth like it is in heaven, we want that here.  And what will happen when we are humble, when we serve, and when we sacrifice, so that God, through His Holy Spirit, can do His restorative work in us and in the people around us." - Jesse Frame

After hearing from Jesse, we were blessed to hear testimony from the President and Founder of Wipe Every Tear, brother Kenny Sacht.  He enthusiastically shared with us:  

Kenny Sacht - President and Founder of Wipe Every Tear

"I am here to humbly say, we are experiencing REVIVAL.  Heaven, part of Heaven coming down and touching Earth!  Jesus did not quarantine Himself over the last 90 days!" - Kenny Sacht

Day 2 - watch video here

Day 2 of Break Every Chain 2020 saw more cyclists sign up to join us.  We were led in worship by Trevor Grindle and friends from UNITED Church in Seattle.  Then, we heard a powerful and timely Word from Pastor Wade McHargue in Charlotte, NC.  He shared several memorable quotes with us:

Wade McHargue

"What will cause to be great victory is going to be preceded by great perseverance.  This is the theme of Ends of the Earth Cycling, 'Pray, Pedal, Repeat' and it corresponds with Wipe Every Tear and we honor that ministry and how they have labored, and persevered and see the fruit they have seen."

"Jesus really shows there are 2 options that we have - we will either lose heart, or we will pray more!" - Wade McHargue

Day 3 - watch video here

On Day 3, our cyclists pressed on and endured - many cycling in intense heat and humidity, all the while praying for girls in the Philippines.  That evening, we were led in worship by Pastors Jimmy Akers & Sean McIntosh.  The message came to us from Pastor Chad Woolf in Fort Myers, FL.  He boldly shared the Gospel with our listeners/participants and this quote with us:

Pastor Chad Woolf

"Through His Church, Jesus can change people's story for good.  In the midst of COVID-19, financial crisis, political and racial divisions that we see on television and social media, I'm being honest - it's hard to see, 'God how are You going to work any of this out for good?'   What I want to make clear tonight, in the midst of all of this discouragement and uncertainty, Jesus can work through His Church and His followers to change peoples' story for good."  - Pastor Chad Woolf

Day 4 - watch video here

On Night 4, we saw a powerful move of God during our worship time.  Matt Crosson shared with us about a song of Moses from the Psalms and unknowingly, Dr. Les Hardin took us to a song of Moses from Exodus!  Both brothers pre-recorded their segments without coordinating with each other - only God does things like that!  This quote stood out to us from Dr. Hardin's challenge to us:

[Above Picture] Levi (age 12), rode his bicycle 105 miles over 5 days with his dad, Matt C., who led us in worship on Night 4 of Break Every Chain!

Dr. Les Hardin

"Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story.  We have all been trained to tell our own individual seems to flow from a marrying of our Biblical theologies to the fierce, individualistic American experience.  We are not, by and large a communal people. We are individualistic and we prize individual relationships with God more than we do communal relationships.  Our Bible study is individualist, "What does this verse mean for my life?"  Our faith is individualistic, "I have my own personal relationship with God."  And our worship is often individualistic, "I am a child of God, He calls ME friend."  But this is NOT how the redeemed of the LORD told their stories in the Old or New Testaments or at least it's not the primary way they did it." - Dr. Les Hardin

In addition to all of these exciting nights of song and sermon(s), we also heard from a representative from Wipe Every Tear each night, powerful testimonies of all He is doing in the Philippines.  Amen!

Day 5 - Watch video here

Finally, night 5 concluded with Lara Wible and friends from Gettysburg, PA leading us in an anointed time of worship.  The message that night came from our Associate Director, Matt Miller (who also produced the broadcasts for Break Every Chain).  Matt had this to say:

Matt Miller

"We see a lot of disunity in our days - in a war, if a military unit cannot function together, and with unity, they are not going to win a war.  If a football team cannot work together, they aren't going to win any games.  If we, as Christ-followers, do not have unity with one another, we won't be able to reach the world for Christ." - Matt Miller

At the end of the 5 days, we reached out to each participant to ask how many miles they had pedaled during the 5 days of the tour.  At this point, we have heard of at least 4,800+ miles and raised a collective $15,500+ to promote and facilitate youth ministry in the Philippines through Wipe Every Tear. 

[Above ] Here's a behind-the-scenes look at Matt's command central - all 5 nights were produced from the Hannekens' basement, with participants from all over the USA!  God's Church is alive and on the move!

Finally, in addition to what was accomplished June 27-July 1st, we had a church in Ohio, Living Hope, reach out to us and let us know they would be doing their own version of the same event July 19-26th in hopes to raise another $3,000, Lord willing, for the cause!  To God be the Glory!  

5 days of Prayer & Worship Links:




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