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Updated: Sep 3, 2020

By Matt Miller - Ends Cycling Crew

During our 2014 Key West Bike Ride, seventy people participated as we rode for the youth of Thailand. This is a story from that ride...

We had just left the mainland of Florida and arrived in Key Largo on our third day (of five) of our bicycling tour. It was the second time I had participated in an Ends Cycling event and I had learned, during these cycling tours, you get HUNGRY after cycling all day. I have to be honest, it was barely lunch time but I was already thinking about my second dinner. As our team was finishing up our last twelve miles of the day I happened to look over to my right and what did I see? A Thai food restaurant! Wow! At that moment I just knew God was going to do something cool.

I tried my best to remember the location of the restaurant as I pedaled to our final destination, I was ready to EAT. When I arrived at our host church I gathered some other hungry cyclists for this Thai-food adventure and we set out in search of a yummy post-ride meal. As I drove to the restaurant I could not remember which Thai restaurant I saw while cycling so I pulled into first one we came to and prayed that it was the same one I had seen earlier.

The group of us were all wearing our (still sweaty) cycling jerseys and sat down at a table. It was not long before a lady soon tapped me on the shoulder and said, “What is this Thai Youth Rescue on the back of your shirts?” We told her who we were and why we were riding for the youth of Thailand. Without saying a word, she left, then came back with a letter in her hand and said “You sent me this letter!”

We read the letter, it was about our cycling tour. The whole Ends Cycling leadership team was in the restaurant, we looked at each other, unsure where this letter had come from. Unbeknownst to us, a man who had signed up to ride, was raising support for the youth of Thailand by sending letters to different Thai restaurants asking for donations. We were now sitting in one of those random Thai restaurants to whom he had sent a letter! Before the tour, the man's boss said that he had to work, and was unable to attend.

The lady, who was the owner of this restaurant, said that she was flying to Thailand the very next day. She was SO excited we were riding for the youth of Thailand because she knew of their needs. She paid for our meals and wanted pictures to post on Facebook! Soon her son, who managed the store, as well as the cooks came out to where we were sitting and wanted pictures with us too.

This was such an incredible experience! It really brought to life the need in Thailand and how our very presence on those bikes makes a difference. We were just hungry and wanted a good meal but the Lord knew what He was doing and allowed us a glimpse into the bigger picture of His great BIG story. To God be the Glory!

As God's timing would have it, we are riding for the youth of Thailand during our Key West Bike Ride 2019. For more information or to join us on our sure-to-be EPIC ride check us out:






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