Reunions are so Sweet

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

By Tom Hall - Africa Hope

In March 2017, a group of 27 cyclists, 4 runners, and 22 support staff made their way from Fort Myers, FL to Key West, FL for the youth of Kenya and a ministry called Africa Hope. They prayed, they pedaled, they ran, they served and they raised over $47,000 to promote and resource youth ministry in Kenya. Almost 3 years later, those funds are still making a difference and equipping the youth of Kenya to be a light in their country!

In November 2019, Africa Hope (AH), in partnership with Ends of the Earth Cycling facilitated our first Reunion Camp for nearly 50 students who had previously benefited from secondary school [like High School in the States] scholarships through AH and many who had gone on to university.

The students were hosted on the AH campus for the week and were taught leadership and life skills not only for their benefit, but to empower them to lead and mentor others in their schools, churches and communities.

Twenty-year-old, Shadrack, from a family of 13 children in the rural Maasai community of Elang’ata Enterit told us how the AH scholarship helped him to be the only child in his family to attend school. He is currently in university studying education.


His face lit up with a smile as he shared, “This week, I have gotten a lot of life skills and teaching about youth that I hadn’t heard before. They are a good foundation that gives me a vision for my future.”

He also added, “I want to tell the sponsors of this program ‘Thank you!’ for bringing us these teachings and to tell them to please continue bringing more in the future. It is making a big change in our communities.” His sentiments were echoed by many of the other students as well.

The students were deeply engaged whether involved in a Bible study or the popular Marshmallow Challenge event!

Activities for the camp included times of worship and prayer, singing and dancing, interactive teachings and object lessons, as well as group discussions for debriefing during the course of the week. The students were deeply engaged whether involved in a Bible study or the popular Marshmallow Challenge event, which had them competing in teams to design and build the tallest free-standing tower supporting one large marshmallow at the peak, made from 20 raw spaghetti sticks, and one meter of masking tape and yarn.

Josephine, a seventeen-year-old in her third year of high school summed up her gratitude this way, “The only thing I can give as a thanks to Africa Hope and the sponsors is to work hard and make them happy for the support they have given me. And I shall also pray for them – for God to enlarge their territories. Because if I work hard, others will be able to get the same support I have been given.”


The staff of Africa Hope extends a great “ASANTENI SANA!” to all our Ends Cycling partners who are empowering the future generation for God’s kingdom!

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Additional Content: This doesn't happen often but it's a treat when it does! If you would like to see the full-length interviews (no subtitles) with Shadrack and Josephine, check them out below!




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