Revival in the streets

Updated: Mar 10

BY: Wipe Every Tear - The Philippines

In late June 2020, when Ends of the Earth Cycling was forced to postpone our Idaho Bike Ride for the youth of the Philippines due to Covid-19, the Lord led us to do something very innovative.

We hosted a 5-day virtual bicycling tour instead! We called this event the “2020 Break Every Chain Virtual Tour.” We saw 63 cyclists register. On the very same dates of the Idaho Bike Ride [now postponed], everyone rode in their own hometowns as they #PrayPedalRepeat for the work our partners, Wipe Every Tear, was doing in the Philippines.

The sights, sounds, and smells of the sex trade create a memory that is not easily erased. Advancing onto the street, it smells like poverty covered by foreign money. The smells of sewage, garbage, and body odor are coyly masked by intense perfumes. It reeks of deception. The street is shabby, at best. It is thick with humidity and pollution. Littered with fast food wrappers, beer bottles, fake eyelashes, and condoms. It is obvious that there has been an effort to cover up the dirt with flashy decoys. With each bar that is passed, a new song blares into the street. Their rhythms in a constant battle to be heard; mixing together like oil and water. The street’s only lights are artificially flashing from each of the bars. The strobes of red, blue, and green are illuminating the faces of the men; the bodies of the women. 

These are the conditions that so many girls and women live in every day as they are exploited in the sex trade. Wipe Every Tear Exists to Bring Freedom, Hope, and a Future to Those Trafficked in the Sex Trade. They provide women with real hope for a great future by offering a way out of the sex trade. Each woman Wipe Every Tear meets in the bars encounters the love of Jesus through the relationships cultivated. If she chooses freedom, [and not all do] she is greeted with open arms, a safe bed, and promptly enrolled in school. One of Wipe Every Tear's scholars said, "What if you had never said yes? None of this would be happening. I would still be working in the bars of Angeles City..."

Wipe Every Tear was so blessed by your choice to pray, pedal, and repeat for the women of the Philippines [in June]. It was inspiring to see so many individuals and families joining together in the name of freedom.  It is an honor to see how each of those prayers are abundantly multiplied in the Kingdom. 

Your prayers directly impacted the women within Wipe Every Tear's care. During the Break Every Chain [virtual] bike ride in June 2020, 11 women made the bold decision to follow the Lord through water baptism. For some, this was their first time dedicating their lives to the Father. For others, this was a time to renew and refocus their lives on their Healer and Redeemer. It was such a special space for these women to stand with their sisters as they make this radical, life-changing decision.

Fast Forward 90 Days...

One of the days of the 2020 Break Every Chain Virtual tour, everyone prayed for revival. A few months after the virtual tour, Ends Cycling gets word from Wipe Every Tear...

[October 2020 Update] 1,000+ girls have messaged us in the last few months. They want out! This is revival. This is the harvest. Oh, this is so amazing! Though they have received over 1,000 messages from women in Angeles City, they have hopeful confidence that 300+ women will make the choice to join the Wipe Every Tear family. They are anxious to find freedom. They want a way out of the sex trade. They want to know about the hope that is being offered. They have the courage and desire to step into radical freedom!

Join Us in Prayer:

Wipe Every Tear has been dreaming for years about having its own campus. This would be a permanent, safe space for women to live, eat, study, worship, and heal in the culture of Jesus while working towards dignified employment. This campus will take the place of current safe homes and will provide increased capacity for hundreds of girls to come in to Wipe Every Tear's care. 

In faith, they are searching for the perfect campus. They dream that this will be an oasis of restoration. A sanctuary of hope. A space that is home to many and has the capacity to receive even more!

We would love to have you pray for these girls and declare miracles, freedom, and a wonderful future for them. Be praying that the Lord will provide a new campus for Wipe Every Tear as the Lord continues to bring more and more girls out of the sex industry.

The Father truly does honor the prayers of His children! Thank you!

To God be the Glory




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