By: Annette Wilterdink

I first went to India in 2007 where I had the honor of meeting members of churches and evangelists and heard firsthand of the persecution they had suffered. The persecution was increasing and was starting to affect more people, including children. Several of the villages, located in the jungles, were attacked by the extremists and persecutors. Many of the homes of Christians were burned and destroyed; the families did not have the means to take care of their children. Several children had witnessed their parents being severely beaten and, in some cases, even murdered. The families needed help so their children could survive diseases, be fed, clothed and have a safe place to live. In 2010, with the help of some of our supporting churches, the ministry was able to build the New Hope Children’s Home. In addition to shelter, clothing, a nutritious diet, schooling and proper medical care, the primary focus was to teach them about Jesus. Not only have they learned how to excel in their academics, but they also learn crafts, sewing, cooking, etc. This ministry has been a tremendous success as evidenced by the spiritual growth of the children involved. In the spring of 2017 we rejoiced when six of the New Hope youth accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and were baptized.

Annette with children of New Hope

To have two of my favorite ministries, New Hope and Ends Cycling, come together to support and encourage one another was a dream come true for me!

Annette serving as support on the Minnesota and Wisconsin Bike Ride!

The cyclists on the tour of Minnesota and Wisconsin Bike Ride in 2019 shared that it was the most difficult of tours. I was there as SAG (Support And Gear). We experienced many “attacks” from cars breaking down, to bike crashes, to hurt backs and a middle of the night ER run. But these are nothing compared to what our brothers and sisters in Christ are dealing with in India!

Those dedicated cyclists persevered through the hardships and raised over $9,000 for the youth of New Hope! The money raised helped sponsor 8 New Hope youth for a year. That includes 24/7 care, food, lodging, medical care, and schooling as well as Bible lessons. They now have a bright look of new hope for their future. Thank you Ends Cycling and cyclists for investing in the youth of India!

Ends Cycling’s year of support ended December 23, 2020 for these 8 youth. Would you consider being a sponsor for one of these youth?

If you are interested in sponsoring one of these youth, please contact me, Annette Wilterdink at, or call me at 405-255-3547. Or you can contact Kathy Sparks, Ministry Coordinator at or call Kathy at 844-469-6427.




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