There It Is, The Perfect Tree

By: Ian Goff (TX Ride Director)

Texas Bike Ride 2021 was Ends Cycling’s 37th tour but our first venture in the Lone Star State.

I grew up in SE Asia, the son of a missionary family. God was gracious enough to give me a passion for His Word, His Ecclesia [Church], and cycling. What could be better than discovering an opportunity to combine some of your greatest passions into one activity? I discovered Ends of the Earth Cycling in June of 2019 while looking through a vendor list for the RAGBRAI Expo (Registers Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa). I had already signed up to ride RAGBRAI that year with their general population when suddenly, I had a Clark Griswold Family Christmas moment; “Hallelujah, there it is, the perfect tree,” or in this case, bicycling community!

Ian Goff [right]

And so, as a late entrant to the Ends Cycling Team, I dipped my rear bike tire in the Missouri River and then had an amazing six days of cycling, worshiping and fellowshipping with a group of brothers and sisters of like precious faith before reaching the mighty Mississippi. I was sad to say goodbye to my newfound cycling family but Executive Director, Justin Hanneken, made sure that I wasn’t saying goodbye for long. “Hey man, would you be interested in working on a ride for us in Texas in 2021,” he asked. “YES,” I blurted out, and it was most definitely ON!

~~Fast Forward to April 2021~~

Ian Goff was our Ride Director for the Texas Bike Ride. He worked hard for 10 months putting the tour together. The 14 Cyclists and 14 Support Staff on this tour helped change the lives of youth in Cambodia in Jesus Name!

The Texas Bike Ride 2021 (TXBR2021) was a wonderful opportunity for me to merge my enjoyment of cycling, my love for my Texas home state, and a passion for facilitating people having fun and sharing positive experiences together.

Many thanks to Ends of the Earth Cycling who allowed me to work within their proven system and set of logistical resources to jointly produce a Texas-sized bike tour in support of the youth of Cambodia through our ministry partner, Legacy of Hope International.

Cambodia is a beautiful country but still recovering from the devastation

of genocide. In the 1970’s, nearly a quarter of Cambodia’s population died under the Khmer Rouge. At one point they sought to kill off the educated but in many places that were once dark places around Cambodia, hope is springing up.

One such place of transformed hope is at Legacy of Hope International (LOHI) Their goal is to use the prayers and funds raised through the #TXBR2021 efforts to build more schools, train more leaders, and see more lives transformed by the gospel in Cambodia. The needs are great, and the possibilities are limitless!

To God be the glory!

[Above] Pictures from LOHI Cambodia

Our partners in Cambodia gave us special prayer theme devotionals that we prayed for each day of the tour.

[click link below to read more]

Prayer Theme #1 - RESTORE -

Prayer Theme #2 - LEGACY -

Prayer Theme #3 - EMPOWER -

Prayer Theme #4 - HOPE -

Prayer Theme #5 - PASSION -

Prayer Theme #6 - PERSEVERANCE -




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