Updated: Oct 20, 2020

A guest blog by Chris Wray:

Chris Wray

To be totally transparent - I have been dragging around here all day, "pouting" - and majorly disappointed that our 2020 Key West Bike Ride (KWBR) has been postponed...

I even sat down earlier, in the middle of our den floor, emptied out all the great "ride snacks" I had neatly packed away - Three bags in total, all labeled and ready to share with all my KWBR buddies - and I "gorged" myself till I could not eat any more!

Then, I sat there for about 20 minutes - lost in all my gluttonous glory, surrounded by empty wrappers, mouth and lap drizzled with smeared chocolate, and crumbs of what used to be a semi-nutritious snack for a long dreamed of bike adventure to one of the most beautiful spots on planet earth...

Once the sugar coma began to wear off - I somehow managed to reclaim my senses, and soon realized that what I needed (more than the two left over Peanut Butter & Raisin bars), was to "Rise Up" - and fight for the strength I needed to overcome the deep and disappointing pain of not being able to ride this coming week with my dear friends from Ft Myers, FL...

SO I BEGIN TO PRAY...and I prayed...and I prayed...and I prayed IN JESUS NAME!

...and it was not long, maybe after about 10-15 minutes of praying, that God softly reminded me that HE has a BIGGER plan, to do even GREATER things, for an even more GLORIOUS purpose than any of us could ever imagine! ALL FOR HIS GLORY!

He reminded me of how blessed we are - (in our callings & ministries) - to be surrounded by godly men and women who go out into the highways and hedges, into mission fields all across our country and around our world - and to stand in the gap for men and women whose very souls hang in the balance! Every day is an adventure in the Lord...

And every day I am reminded that I can control nothing, that I am totally dependent on HIM to sustain me in all things - and HE HAS ALWAYS PROVED HIMSELF FAITHFUL...even when I have been less than anything but faithful...!

He is a "Good Good Father..." (Sounds like a great lyric for a great song, huh?!)

Every day I am reminded, that one of the best things I can ever do in my service to the Lord, is to "Just to let go - and let God!"

  • Let go of my plans, and surrender to His...

  • Let go of my understanding, and search for His...

  • Let go of my desires, and long for His...

  • Let go of my will, and submit to His...

Whenever "Stuff" happens - I know the Lord's timing is perfect. And so are HIS PLANS - even during a "CoronaVirus outbreak".

Ok. Im done rambling on. I really don't think one more Kit Kat bar or Peanut Butter Cup would hurt...but, better not...

In the meantime, just know that I am here praying for you, and if the Lord tarries, and this COVID-19 thing does don't take me on to glory - we gonna get to enjoy that ride together!


Chris Wray

[Below Images] Even through the 2020 Key West Bike Ride had to be postponed, many of our participants still cycled in their own home towns, praying for the youth of Romania. Ends of the Earth Cycling still sees this tour as a huge success. Through our participants, the world is still being changed in Jesus Name!

Prayers were lifted high, Missionaries were encouraged, people were being engaged in global missions and funds were raised.






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