The U.S. has 90% of the world’s youth ministry

resources, and only 4% of the world’s youth.

Ends Cycling believes everyone deserves the same access to the Gospel, and we’re willing to go to the ends of the earth to see that vision fulfilled by the power of Christ.  (Acts 1:8)


Get Involved - Off the Bike

Support staff are absolutely crucial to the success of every one of our Ends Cycling tours. When you make a commitment to being part of support staff, you are committing to not get on a bike but simply to serve your fellow team-members. You will pay a little less than the cyclists do and in addition, we'll encourage you to fundraise but will not require it. See our FAQ's and Picture pages.

Support Staff Positions & Details:

Here’s a list of roles we need filled for each ride.  If you are curious to know the specifics of how you will be supporting, our "Best Practices and Procedures" documents are where it's at!  Click on the different roles below to see a detailed description of what you can expect while on tour.


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