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vermont bike ride

For the Youth Of Malawi

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For late registration considerations, contact

The Tour...

Ends of the Earth Cycling returns to New England, to capture the 6th state – Vermont!  This bike ride will follow country highways and byways, up and over hills, and through colonial villages and towns.  Expect 50+ miles of riding and 3,000+ feet of climbing each of the 5 days.  You are guaranteed to experience the wonder and charm of the Green Mountain State.


~300 miles Tour

This route has been scouted in several trips in hopes to share it with you all.  We fly to Connecticut, and start in Massachusetts, day 1 ends in Vermont.  We simply could not pass up the opening day ride through the Berkshires of Western Mass, via the historic Native American trade route - turned scenic drive – The Mohawk Trail.

You can expect a Revolutionary War site and historic homes as we set out north.  We will choose our crossings of the Green Mountains carefully, so to avoid some of the steepest sections of paved road in the United States. You might travel over a covered bridge en route.  You will see big red barns with cow pastures, babbling brooks and mountain fed rivers.    


When in Vermont, we recommend tasting local cheddar cheese, maple syrup, and homemade Ice Cream!  We might swim in a Gorge.  Our triumphant finish will be over the Island Line causeway and bicycle ferry across Lake Champlain.


Our host churches are eager for the excitement that an Ends Cycling tour brings.  We received an emphatic YES! from each one.  We are mindful this area of the country has a very low church going population and is reported to be “the least religious state.”  Yet, we believe God has led us to these beacons of hope in a beautiful land that will benefit from a dedicated group of God-loving cyclists passing through.

Each evening, we'll join for praise & worship, engaging messages, and prayer themes for youth ministry in Malawi.



  • Please fly into BDL – Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, CT

  • This is a 1 hour drive from the starting host church in Greenfield, MA. 

  • BOS Logan and MNH Manchester, NH are 2 hour drive alternatives if you wish to arrange your own transportation to the start.  

Please pray about joining us on this thrilling 5-day ride through lovely Vermont in July 2022.  We’d love to have you ride or support this tour, for the youth of Malawi.


Got questions?  Visit our FAQ page or email our #VTBR2022 Ride Director, Eben Corbiere at

For The Youth Of:


The Reason We Ride...

On this tour, you will be riding for the youth in Malawi (the warm heart of Africa). Our beneficiary ministry there is called, New Life Ministries. Here is a word from them:

Malawi is an independent country in the Southern part of Africa with a total population

of 18.63 million, however, it is one of the poorest countries in the world with an income poverty line of $1.90 a day. Problems with the agricultural sector and diseases such as HIV AIDS are the main reason why Malawi is so poor. Youth and children represent 80% of the population of Malawi. 

Currently, New Life ministry holds an after-school care programs. 60 children and youth come twice a week for tutoring, help with reading and writing, games, and Bible stories. When they can, New Life provides food aid and school materials for children and youth struggling to purchase these items. Max (New Life ministry Leader) is a certified Youth Ministry Trainer and holds youth ministry leadership trainings for local volunteers and pastors.

We are currently unable to provide for the food and education needs of the children and youth in our after-school program consistently. We would like to feed them twice a week. It costs approximately 200/week to feed our 60 children. Max also has a dream to open his church to local youth twice a week for vocational training. He would like to provide welding, carpentry, and cosmetology training so that the youth are able to earn an income that will provide for themselves and their families.  We need the start-up funds to purchase the necessary tools for the vocational training.  Finally, the costs to travel to different places to hold youth ministry leadership trainings, along with the cost for the training material (printing cost is very high in Malawi).  This is where you (Ends of the Earth Cycling Participants) come in. 


Our hope is to use the prayers and funds raised from this tour to help children and youth of our community to be able to flourish, have greater access to education, learn a vocation and experience the love and message of Christ. We also want to see more trained youth workers/volunteers to serve our local youth. 

New Life Ministries

What do I get when I Register?


Pre-Field Orientation - July 15 at 1:30p - 7p*

July 16-20, 2022

July 21st - Drive you back to the starting line


Faith Church

331 Silver St. 

Greenfield, MA  01301


Cyclists - $449

w/ $1000 Fundraising Pledge **

Fundraising Toolkit

Support Staff - $250

(Fundraising encouraged but

not expected)

Children 12 & Under - FREE ***

Only 5 days worth of AWESOMENESS!  

Well, and a few other things that are listed here.

  • A place to stay every night of the event (hotels are an optional cost to you)

  • Breakfast & Lunch every day

  • Snacks throughout the event (energy gels, granola bars, fruit, etc.)

  • Ends Cycling Jersey (by Primal – no jersey for support staff)

  • Laundry services every evening (for cycling clothing only)

  • Official Tour T-Shirt (Cyclists & Support Staff)

  • Tour Insurance

  • Swag Bag

  • A support vehicle (S.A.G.) dedicated to your group loaded with

     water, air pumps, tubes, snacks, etc.)

  • Full-time Event Photographer when possible (you get free

     access to the pics after the event!)

  • Corporate worship every night.

  • Custom Thank You cards to send to all of your supporters. (These will be mailed to you shortly after the ride is completed)

  • Daily devotional 

  • Water bottle (for cyclists only)

  • Transportation back to starting line

  • Airport transportation (at designated shuttle times)

  • Pre-ride supper

  • Post-ride meal

  • Cycling training in orientation

  • Experienced Group Leaders

  • And More! See the Riders Handbook for more details.

*Participants are strongly encouraged to be at the starting location at 1:30pm - 7p, the day before for check-in for this important Pre-field Orientation.  We will get to know each other, have a safety presentation and training ride.

**Fundraising Goal: $1000 (Minimum $500).  Participants will not be eligible to ride if the minimum funds are not raised by event start date.   If you have not raised the minimum by the start date, you will be expected to pay the balance the day the ride begins. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

***We love for families to get involved together! The parent is expected to be present during the whole week. It is recommended that children under age 15 participate in a Support Staff role. Children 12 and under are FREE (unless otherwise noted - example: a Super Family Friendly type tour with kid activities, events, that would have an additional cost, etc.).

How Are Your Cycling Groups Organized?

An experienced Team Leader will lead a team of 4-10 cyclists throughout the multi-day event. Riders will be grouped depending on their strengths and preferences. You are welcome to choose which group you wish to be in ahead of time. (If you're not sure you can do it, get a cycling computer and see where you are at!) A suggested 10 week training schedule is available to you. 

It’s our recommendation no one changes groups unless absolutely necessary. The reason that we ride in groups is for your safety.  We would love for you to grow deep relationships with people in your group.

Breakaway - 16+ mph average

  • The Breakaway group likes to ride fast and push the pace. They will often be riding in a tight paceline together and taking short turns at the front in order to maximize everyone’s effort. If you regularly ride 30 miles or more with few to no stops and at a quick pace, this is probably the place for you. This group can expect a century (100 mile day) option on each EC tour (where applicable).

Paceline - 14-15 mph average

  • The Paceline group rides together using the draft to benefit each other. They are riders that might not be “fast” but are steady and consistent. If you have group riding experience, consider yourself a mid-paced rider, and are willing to learn new skills, this is probably the group for you. This group can expect a century (100 mile day) option on each EC tour (where applicable).

Journey Lovers - 12-13 mph average

  • The Journey Lovers group likes to take breaks for pictures and will probably stop about every 30 minutes. They still ride together, but probably not in a consistently organized paceline. If the century option is not a high priority for you, you prefer a conversational pace, and usually make regular stops while riding, this is probably the group for you. This group may have the opportunity to complete a century(100 mile day) on an EC tour (where applicable).

SEE Train - 10-11 mph average

  • This group likes to take it slow and easy, with stops around every 20 minutes. They ride together, but not in a paceline and with plenty of room for everyone to feel comfortable. If you have little experience riding in a group, are okay with not riding all the miles on longer days, and generally take lots of breaks when you ride, this is probably the group for you. This group should not expect to have the opportunity to complete a century (100 mile day) on an EC tour.

PLEASE NOTE"Average" means over the course of a 60-80 mile day, the actual pedaling speed that your computer will read at the end of your ride. This means you will at times, be riding at 2-4 M.P.H. above your actual "average" for the day.  These averages will change on international tours.

Pictures from Other Tours!

vermont bike ride

For the Youth Of Malawi

For late registration considerations, contact

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